Sunday, May 9, 2010

Personalized Vampire Books

I love all things vampire! I can't help it. This is just something that has been in me for a very long time. I was into vampires before Twilight was even dreamed up. I think it's been about 25 years now that I've been obsessed. Yeah I can admit it I'm obsessed! I don't go around with fake fangs or dress all in black though. I try to keep some semblance of sanity in my life.

I want to introduce you to a cool set of books. They are from Books By You and can be personalized to fit your descriptions. You are the story and you can pick the name of your vampire hero. Or if you're a guy you can be the vampire hero and pick a woman's name for the female lead. I have a page detailing a bit more about the details part so check it out. First Bite A Vampire Love Story. That one is the teen vampire book. If you're into something a bit more mature then check out this one. Vampire Kisses A Romance Novel. Those two pages will explain a bit more about the books and the choices you can make for the characters.

I have a banner on this post if you'd like to go directly to their site and see for yourself. They also have a wide selection of books that aren't Vampires. There is also a book on Werewolves Fierce Moon!

Personalized Vampire Romance Novel for Teens - First Bite

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