Friday, November 27, 2009

I have moved over to a different blog now.

I have learned so many things and now I'm moving my toosh to a different place. My new blog is Squidalicious

My life has been taken over by the squid :) No worries though. It's going to help me earn some extra money for Christmas. Speaking of Christmas. I made a page about Shopping For Christmas Gifts. I am having so much fun lately. I'm also selling items at Zazzle. I can make my own items to sell or buy them myself. Why would I buy my own stuff? Well because I can't make the items. Weird I know, but fun!

So if you want to see my journey then go over to Squidalicious. It will be my primary blog, but I will still come here from time to time.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sorry for not being around.

I haven't been on here much due to internet issues. It's been storming like crazy here and it's causing some issues. Hopefully things will be brighter soon and no more problems.

I've started posting my swagbucks wins on my site. I'm missing a few days worth due to internet problems :/ I may not always post them, but I win everyday. It's a big of a clutter issue. If you are new to the site be sure to check out the sidebar listing my blog entries. The ones that are really worthy of looking into are the moola and fusion cash ones. Check those sites out as they are my favorites.

I Just Won 1 Swag Buck on

I Just Won 1 Swag Buck on

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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A little recycling tip

Yesterday I sold a few gift cards and I needed a way to ship them cheaply. I had no unused bubble mailers and I wasn't sure what to do that wouldn't cost me alot. I looked around my room and saw something that gave me this wonderful idea! I had a big bubble mailer that I had received something in and I could cut it into smaller bubble mailers.

It took some brainstorming, but I now have 4 smaller mailers that I taped together and put the gift cards in! I normally throw old mailers away, but I was lazy and left it in my room. I also try to recycle boxes that I receive things in. I've saved many boxes from the landfill by doing this. It doesn't look beautiful, but it's better than paying an arm and a leg for a new box.

Usps offers free priority boxes, but you obviously have to send the item via priority. To me that's not saving alot of many since the rates keep getting higher.

Give a box a new life by reusing it to send things out.


I have been a member of Swagbucks for quite some time and i've really enjoyed this search engine. I can win gift cards just by searching. I usually cash out for amazon gift cards once I have enough bucks. They also have cool electronics thta i'm saving up for right now. I am torn between a better ipod or a camcorder.

All you need to do is search. You don't have to do it a bunch of times in a row. Just real searches throughout the day. You'll know when you win so you can stop searching. Invite your friends because when they win you get the same amount up to 100 swagbucks. Remember to try and do this daily so that your bucks will add up. I usually get 1-3 a day. I've also gotten 10 bucks from a search. The highest i've seen won is 100. That's 10$ and some change when it comes to amazon gift cards!

Give it a shot! I also have a swagbucks widget at the bottom of the blog so you can check it out. It also has a sign up button.

Another Moola Post! Yes that's right!

There was some changes and I wanted to share them with you. They have a new cashout options called the Upside Card. It's a prepaid card you can sign up for and it will be your main cashout option. If you are under age your parent can sign up for you. It's free as long as you only transfer cash into it with a bank account. Credit/debit card uploads are $2.50. When you click on a banner from the Moola site and transfer $5 from your checking account into it then you will receive a $5 booster into your Moola account. The $5 will appear a few days after your activate the card!

I have already signed up for the card. I would never recommend something that I did not have myself.

On a side note about getting into moola. It's an invite only site which means you need to be invited! How cool is that? Any of the moola links will invite you to play. I get 100 invites a day and if it doesn't invite you try the next day. Don't give up!

Before I forget I wanted to let others know about a booster I did at moola. They use offerpal which i'm not crazy about, but I do use it. There was a booster for a book club which I normally stay far away from even though I've never joined one before. It was for $12.95 back into your account. I gave it a shot and ordered a few books and I am very pleased. The books are great and the value was wonderful. I got 8 hardback books for 23$ after shipping. And one of those books counted towards my 4 books at member's price. I am very pleased with this company and once I buy my commitment i'll close the account and do a cash back offer at fusion cash and get more books from a different site from the same I think company family.

Well enough about Moola right now. Can you see that I just love this site? Come join and play for free. Don't get discouraged if you lose. I've been there alot. If you lose your balance moola will start you out with another penny. It's free to join and fun!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fusion Cash. Make money doing offers online!

Ok I found a site that pays you to do offers or surveys. They have alot of options and most cost you nothing. Those are the ones I like! They have dailey's where you just look at a couple of adds and earn money!

Very simple site. Easy to use and fun! They have a forum that's really helpful in getting started. Alot of people talk about the offers that pay good. I've done just a few and I'm very happy with the site. I'm confident that i'll be paying out as soon as I have time to sit down and do some freebies! I have two kids so it's not always easy. I have a banner on the side and in this post for signups!

They also have a $5 bonus which is awesome. Payout is at $25 which is very easy to make especially with the bonus.

Also you get paid for posting in the forums. $3 a month for 30 posts. That's 10 cents per post! How cool is that? So give it a try you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Free Money at FusionCash!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Moola strategies. Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Cashouts Coming!

I've been brainstorming a bit while playing at I really want to cashout my winnings every month. I needed a way to make sure that I didn't put my winnings back into the game without tucking away a little each win.

Tip number 1. Use the savings account feature on the site. Put a precentage of your wins into savings so that you can keep a little extra put away so that you won't spend it back into the game. It is a very cool feature that i've been using there to make sure that I will have enough to get a cashout every month. I haven't used it to it's fullest, but it's a work in progress. I've already cashed out this month and I've now got 2.80$ in my savings account ready to be used for the next cashout in July. Pretty simple! It's a free feature so give it a shot. Just put 10% of your winnings and that's all you should need. Also you can put your boosters in there. Just put a precentage for that also. More on boosters in a moment.

Tip number 2. They have a booster zone where you can complete free offers and get paid! It goes into your moola account to use for playing. It's easy to do and you can click free and do the ones that are free.

Tip number 3. They offer cashback when using the booster zone. You can do this, but it takes some time to get your cash back. Alot of cashback sites are the same so no difference there. Just be sure to check other sites to maximize your cashback percentage.

Tip number 4. If you get a losing streak walk away. Shut it off and take a deep breath. Not everytime is a winner. Come back to it later after relaxing.

Tip number 5. Have fun! It's a game and treat it that way. You won't get rich from it, but others have won quite a big payout. Just give it a shot.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lost Track Of Days

I haven't been able to blog lately for alot of reasons. Many have to do with making money playing games. I play alot on my cell phone and have racked up quite a bit of gift cards and prizes! Since january I have gotten 125$ in itunes gift cards and about 30$ in amazon. Also a 15$ chevron gift card. I have also received my 2nd gen 1 gig ipod shuffle. My very first ipod! My parents are using my Tom Tom 125 Gps. There are so many ways to make something with very little.

I currently play facebook games that offer gift cards and prizes. One app gained me 600$ in gift cards within 2 months. I won those so it wasn't about skill.

There is a place that I am currently playing games at which costs nothing and you can win some serious cash. It's called and it's a very cool site. I've been a member for 3 years now. They do pay which is a must for me when it comes to gaming. There are a few games that can really be fun while you try to climb the tower. You can play the charity cash cow which is a spin to win game that is pretty cool. If you win the big pot you get your winnings and they match that and give it to charity!

You should really check it out. I will be posting my paypal payments once I get them. I've already received 25$, but it was in a check and been so long that I didn't think to get a copy. I am waiting on a 10$ paypal payment! Give it a shot! My next post will be more strategy to help make sure that you keep cashouts coming.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Homemade Whipped Cream Another Adventure

I am random in my moments of discovery. I have made my own cake icing before mmmm buttercream frosting. I have also made my own whipped cream. Today I was experimenting with butter, and decided to try again to make my own whipped cream. Was a busy day for me. Well sort of, it only took a few minutes of my time.

I used my immersion blender to make the whipped cream. I usually use my stand mixer and the wisk attachment, but I can't seem to find that attachment. This is a simple recipe that is yummy!

Take 1 cup of Heavy Whipped Cream and poor it into your chilled bowl and use what mixer you have. Mix it for about a minute. It should have soft peaks. Then gradually add 2 tablespoons of regular suger and 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract. Then beat it again for 1 minute. That's about it. Just make sure that you don't beat it too much. It could seperate and turn into some funky tasting butter. Without the sugar and vanilla you'd have some good butter.

After you're done refrigerate until it's ready to be served! How easy is that?

My Adventure With Heavy Whipping Cream!

I had a read a magazine article about making butter from cream and it seemed kind of a strange concept. I am no farmer so I really had no clue how butter was made back in the day! Now it's so automated that people have forgotten the fine art of making butter.

I went to the grocery store today and picked out a big container of Heavy Whipping Cream since I saw it mentioned in the article. After I got home I was a bit unsure about the task so I ignored my urges to make butter.

At 6 pm that night I couldn't ignore it no longer. I grabbed the magazine and flipped through it until I found the article again. I had read the article a few times and knew where to look for the instructions. It was so simple once I wrapped my mind around it. You put the Heavy Whipping Cream into a food processor and churn it with a press of a button. Oops! I didn't have a food processor, but what I did have was a cheap immersion blender. One of the attachments was a small container and lid that had a blade at the bottom like a food processor!

Once I realized what I had to do it was over within a few minutes. I had butter! All I had to do was poor in the Heavy Whipping Cream into the container and attach the blender on top and churn it. I got my kids to watch me do it and they even tasted the butter. There was some leftover "buttermilk" that I had to drain off, but that was pretty simple.

I have links to the magazine article in this post just click and you'll see for yourself what i'm talking about. Also I made sweet cream butter, there are ways to make cultured butter and it's listed in the article! Hope that I can help you regain a piece of your past and have it mixed a little with the present. Aka I don't have a regular butter churn nor do I have raw cream!

By the way the magazine is Mother Earth News. You don't have to subscribe or register to view the article. It's a neat magazine that has great articles for people who farm or grow their own gardens. Also tips and tricks to help those out that do not.

Friday, May 29, 2009

About to fall into the bed.

How can doing a little housework drain you so much?  I'm seriously about to fall over.  When I was cleaning the closet tonight, which was a mess, I felt so dizzy.  I kept sneezing and almost blacked out!  I think I need to stay away from housework for a few more days so that I can get back to normal.  I just love excuses!  

Well it's been a very long day and it's about to end for me.  Nothing like staying up past midnight on Friday!  Good night everyone.

Handicapped Stalls!

I went to Cracker Barrel with my son's dad and the kiddies today! After we were done I had to take my 5 year old daughter to the bathroom and it was a little bit packed.

There was this older lady who had to use a walker and she had a friend with her. Once a stall came clear they had to use the middle stall which wasn't a handicapped stall. I heard her mention that there were no bars for her to hold on to. I glanced over at the handicapped stall and it was currently occupied. Well as we were waiting on our turn the friend of this lady had to keep the stall open and pull down the older woman's pants and expose her panties! I looked up to keep from being rude since it didn't bother me on a personal level that it had to be done. Well they were cramped even with the door open and I was thinking about how they were gonna get her on the potty like this.

Then the handicapped stall opens up and this woman walks out with no obvious physical handicap. I seriously doubt she was handicapped. She probably just had to pee really bad and didn't care whether or not someone may need the only female handicapped stall.

I ignored that stall even though I was the next person in line. I wasn't about to rush over there and take it over while this poor woman was being undressed in a bathroom with about 5-6 people there to see. The person behind me did! I'm sure the woman who was forced to use a walker would of loved that stall, but she was about to be put on a potty herself.

Personally I believe that places should have all stalls to be handicap accessible. I mean come on they have a ton of parking spaces reserved for handicap people why shouldn't they extend that curtesy to a place that could cause serious embarassment.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Starting fresh in the blogosphere.

I have started and quit blogging alot.  I didn't have alot of time to post or I was just jumping into the shark infested waters and didn't have my shark repellant on!  I can't even remember what all I blogged about.  

I want to start fresh and clean on this blog and just put what I feel.  I may post about different sites or items from time to time.  The websites I may blog about are places that I frequent and feel confident about.  I have alot of time on my hands to check things out to make sure it's safe or family friendly.  

Also I will be blogging about tv shows that I absolutely love!  I would post about shows that I can't stand, but what would I say?  I mean if I can't stand it then why would I be watching it?  

Hopefully tonight I can put up something that's really worth reading!  Tell your friends about this blog so that I will have the motivation to WOW you!

My random thoughts and rants!

I always have random things going through my mind and I sometimes like to share that with the world.  Here is the perfect place to do that!  

I hope to keep from boring you readers with my dribble, but if you find it interesting then please let me know!  

My one big rant about blogging is that I'd rather not have stupid comments that post prescription drug buying links.  Please refrain from spamming me with your crap.  I will edit it out to keep it free of things that I consider garbage.  Anything else should be fine as long as it's not horribly nasty!