Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Challenge On The Way. I Want To Win A Xbox 360 Kinect.

My kids Wii is having trouble and I want to get them something new so I thought why not a Xbox 360 and a Kinect? This will get them up off the couch and having fun while playing games. Like most parents I worry about them not being active enough, but I also want them to have fun playing video games. I have to say they have done well with the hand eye coordination. Now I just gotta work on getting them more active.

So I have hatched a plan to win a Free Xbox 360 Kinect. I will be using Swagbucks Search And Win to help me in my journey. I want to do this without spending any money. Will I do it? Maybe I will, but hey who says I have to get it right away. I have until Christmas to do this challenge.

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