Friday, May 29, 2009

Handicapped Stalls!

I went to Cracker Barrel with my son's dad and the kiddies today! After we were done I had to take my 5 year old daughter to the bathroom and it was a little bit packed.

There was this older lady who had to use a walker and she had a friend with her. Once a stall came clear they had to use the middle stall which wasn't a handicapped stall. I heard her mention that there were no bars for her to hold on to. I glanced over at the handicapped stall and it was currently occupied. Well as we were waiting on our turn the friend of this lady had to keep the stall open and pull down the older woman's pants and expose her panties! I looked up to keep from being rude since it didn't bother me on a personal level that it had to be done. Well they were cramped even with the door open and I was thinking about how they were gonna get her on the potty like this.

Then the handicapped stall opens up and this woman walks out with no obvious physical handicap. I seriously doubt she was handicapped. She probably just had to pee really bad and didn't care whether or not someone may need the only female handicapped stall.

I ignored that stall even though I was the next person in line. I wasn't about to rush over there and take it over while this poor woman was being undressed in a bathroom with about 5-6 people there to see. The person behind me did! I'm sure the woman who was forced to use a walker would of loved that stall, but she was about to be put on a potty herself.

Personally I believe that places should have all stalls to be handicap accessible. I mean come on they have a ton of parking spaces reserved for handicap people why shouldn't they extend that curtesy to a place that could cause serious embarassment.


  1. I came to your blog via your post on gather! I don't like to use handicap stalls(although I admit that I have used them in the past) becuase I would be really embarrassed if I went in and I came out and there was someone waiting who really needed it.

  2. Yeah i'm no innocent, but I only use them when I have a kid with me and we're the only ones there!

  3. Just because people don't have a physical handicap that you can see doesn't mean they don't have one. You shouldn't jump to conclusions. My friend has irritable bowel often has no choice but to go in the first available stall. More than once people have made rude comments about her being in there, because she doesn't have an obvious disability.

  4. Well I was nice enough not to make commentary while I was there. And I think I should know about disabilities. I'm on disability and I still use the regular stalls. So yeah! And I suffer from IBS symptoms also and I KNOW what it's like having the need to go really bad. I've been through hour long sit downs on the toilet before.

    Just because I was irritated on here doesn't mean I was a mean person there.

    Also I believe that places should have more handicap accessible stalls. That way every stall is equal and in case there are more than one person that needs it then there wouldn't be a problem.