Thursday, May 28, 2009

Starting fresh in the blogosphere.

I have started and quit blogging alot.  I didn't have alot of time to post or I was just jumping into the shark infested waters and didn't have my shark repellant on!  I can't even remember what all I blogged about.  

I want to start fresh and clean on this blog and just put what I feel.  I may post about different sites or items from time to time.  The websites I may blog about are places that I frequent and feel confident about.  I have alot of time on my hands to check things out to make sure it's safe or family friendly.  

Also I will be blogging about tv shows that I absolutely love!  I would post about shows that I can't stand, but what would I say?  I mean if I can't stand it then why would I be watching it?  

Hopefully tonight I can put up something that's really worth reading!  Tell your friends about this blog so that I will have the motivation to WOW you!


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