Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scam Alert Pocmania.com Stay Away From That Site!

I don't normally talk about scam sites and I stay very far away from them. I was accused of fraud today for a site that had a bug that I reported and did not abuse. If you ever come across a site that promises you prizes for doing simple things check it out before your waste your time.

Ok here's what happened. I am a member of Pocmania -not after today- and I've been doing what I was suppose to. I gave out my link to others online and if they clicked on it I would get 1 point. Well 200 points would get me $20. Sounds great doesn't it. Well they raise the amount of points you need to get after 1 day. It then goes up to 320. Not horribly bad, but it's a little deceptive.

I was close to getting my first $20 a few days ago and I was excited. Then I logged back in I think it was Friday and my points had jumped to 2900+. Well that just didn't sound right at all. I reported it asap and ceased any activity on my account. Still to this day Tuesday I have not done anything at all on my account. The site got hacked and I waited and finally it's up and the owners contacted me and we talked about what happened. Heck it was all over the net because the guy was bragging about hacking this scam site.

Well I asked them again to check my account to see what happened. I get a reply about how I should be blocked for fraud and I had only 4 people click on my links instead of the 100. Not a lot of people mind you since I have about 800 people between facebook and twitter. He's saying that I need to do a certain amount of surveys before I can cash out and be active. Apparently the clicks you get through the site means nothing at all. They pay you via survey's instead.

I know this sounds weird, but I promise you that I'm against FRAUD. I don't believe in gaming sites for free stuff. It ruins the experience for everyone. Just be warned about pocmania.com because they are a scam site.

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