Thursday, April 29, 2010

Staples Order Update.

I'm a little less ticked off now that I've had time to calm down. I sent off a very long comment to their site last night and made sure that they knew everything that happened. I got a reply this morning and it's good and bad. Here goes.\

I appreciate the time you have taken to contact Staples, Heather.

I apologize for the errors that have occurred on your order. I also apologize that you were told we would not take care of any overdraft fees caused by our errors.

Please let us know what the fee amounts were and we will issue a credit to your order. If the fees
are more than the cost of the order, we can compensate you via Staples coupons for a future

Wow a coupon? Please my original order was $56 and change. Fees are normally $35 each and there's two extra charges from staples and I have something else coming out that was bought with my paypal debit card. That's how I knew I didn't make the mistake with the extra charges coming out of my bank card! Hurray for me. So that'll be 3 overdraft fees and I'm not to keen on a coupon from staples. Right now I'm gonna use up my rewards and move on. I can't imagine shopping there again unless I get an item free after rebate or so cheap that I'm salivating.

Thankfully my bank understands and will hopefully remove any overdraft fees because of this mistake that wasn't made by me. I would rather have my money back than bother with Staples coupons. I just can't get over the fact that they would offer me my money back in coupons rather than the cash that I might have to pay out from my bank account.

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