Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Very bad experience.

Have you ever had something go so terribly wrong that you just don't know what to do? Well I'm having one of those days right now. I ordered some labels from on the 9th. They were scheduled to arrive very quickly via courier. Well the first delivery day no labels. Then they rescheduled for the next day. I waited all day and no labels then that night I checked the status and it said delivered at 2 pm. I went outside at 9 pm with a flashlight looking everywhere for my labels. I called to check on it and they said the guy keyed it in wrong and they were damaged not delivered. A couple days later I finally get my labels Hurray!

Well fast forward a week later. I get a phone call from staples asking me about returning my labels. I told them I did not call about returning them and I'm fine with them so they made a note on my account.

Fast forward to the 28th -today- Someone knocks on my door and I open it up and he's here to pick up my labels for return. I told him I didn't authorize a return and I was happy with them. He had me sign his paper so he could get paid since they had no name at all on the paper.

Well I checked my e mail and I found out that my rebates had been denied because I "returned" my order. I had to call them and complain about the fact that they are sending people to my house and then denying my rebates when I did not return anything. Ok they got my rebates fixed so hopefully I'll get my $28 back. I thought my ordeal was over by now.

A few hours later I check my bank account online -it's a daily thing- I see that my account is under almost $15. I'm thinking CRAP what did I do! Well after clicking on that account I see a pending charge from staples! I didn't order anything using my bank card. Especially not something that's $83. So I call them up in a panic and the girl says it's them charging my account since they gave me a credit on the 14th and they didn't get back the labels. I searched my bank account online and there was NO credits given to me from anyone. I told her that and she said well it never went through DUH! So it never goes through and yet they take money out of my card/account. She notices another credit that's pending from the day before. She said the rep I talked to yesterday had told me about it. Well that's hilarious since I never received any calls from staples nor did I call them yesterday.

Well after arguing with her about the fact that I'll be paying a $35 fee for their mistake which she said my bank will not charge me since it'll all balance out after this credit goes through. That's great and all, but what if it doesn't go through like the last one? I was told to call my bank about it. I did and they said there was no credits at all only debits. While on the phone I checked my account again and oh my goodness there's ANOTHER $83 charge. I started crying. I could not believe that they had charged me again. My bank said do a chargeback as soon as it's not pending.

So I call Staples back about the second charge which makes 3 charges for 1 order. She said the last rep noted that there was two credits -ahem I call bs on that- and she had did another charge on my card. Wow thanks Staples for giving your reps that much power over your customers. She should have told me about it. Sorry for all this hassle let me talk to my supervisor. Well after that long wait she comes back saying there's nothing that can be done about it. We can't do anything about the fees that you'll get. I told her about my bank telling me to do a chargeback. Oh no if you do that we'll void it out since we're giving you credits. What about my fees? We can't do anything about that.

I should NOT have to eat the fees of their mistakes. This is outright wrong and disgusting. You should not give your reps the power to charge people at will.

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