Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Moola Post! Yes that's right!

There was some changes and I wanted to share them with you. They have a new cashout options called the Upside Card. It's a prepaid card you can sign up for and it will be your main cashout option. If you are under age your parent can sign up for you. It's free as long as you only transfer cash into it with a bank account. Credit/debit card uploads are $2.50. When you click on a banner from the Moola site and transfer $5 from your checking account into it then you will receive a $5 booster into your Moola account. The $5 will appear a few days after your activate the card!

I have already signed up for the card. I would never recommend something that I did not have myself.

On a side note about getting into moola. It's an invite only site which means you need to be invited! How cool is that? Any of the moola links will invite you to play. I get 100 invites a day and if it doesn't invite you try the next day. Don't give up!

Before I forget I wanted to let others know about a booster I did at moola. They use offerpal which i'm not crazy about, but I do use it. There was a booster for a book club which I normally stay far away from even though I've never joined one before. It was for $12.95 back into your account. I gave it a shot and ordered a few books and I am very pleased. The books are great and the value was wonderful. I got 8 hardback books for 23$ after shipping. And one of those books counted towards my 4 books at member's price. I am very pleased with this company and once I buy my commitment i'll close the account and do a cash back offer at fusion cash and get more books from a different site from the same I think company family.

Well enough about Moola right now. Can you see that I just love this site? Come join and play for free. Don't get discouraged if you lose. I've been there alot. If you lose your balance moola will start you out with another penny. It's free to join and fun!

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