Sunday, June 14, 2009

A little recycling tip

Yesterday I sold a few gift cards and I needed a way to ship them cheaply. I had no unused bubble mailers and I wasn't sure what to do that wouldn't cost me alot. I looked around my room and saw something that gave me this wonderful idea! I had a big bubble mailer that I had received something in and I could cut it into smaller bubble mailers.

It took some brainstorming, but I now have 4 smaller mailers that I taped together and put the gift cards in! I normally throw old mailers away, but I was lazy and left it in my room. I also try to recycle boxes that I receive things in. I've saved many boxes from the landfill by doing this. It doesn't look beautiful, but it's better than paying an arm and a leg for a new box.

Usps offers free priority boxes, but you obviously have to send the item via priority. To me that's not saving alot of many since the rates keep getting higher.

Give a box a new life by reusing it to send things out.

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  1. Nicely done! I always save my old shipping materials because they seem to come in handy when I least expect it. :)