Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Adventure With Heavy Whipping Cream!

I had a read a magazine article about making butter from cream and it seemed kind of a strange concept. I am no farmer so I really had no clue how butter was made back in the day! Now it's so automated that people have forgotten the fine art of making butter.

I went to the grocery store today and picked out a big container of Heavy Whipping Cream since I saw it mentioned in the article. After I got home I was a bit unsure about the task so I ignored my urges to make butter.

At 6 pm that night I couldn't ignore it no longer. I grabbed the magazine and flipped through it until I found the article again. I had read the article a few times and knew where to look for the instructions. It was so simple once I wrapped my mind around it. You put the Heavy Whipping Cream into a food processor and churn it with a press of a button. Oops! I didn't have a food processor, but what I did have was a cheap immersion blender. One of the attachments was a small container and lid that had a blade at the bottom like a food processor!

Once I realized what I had to do it was over within a few minutes. I had butter! All I had to do was poor in the Heavy Whipping Cream into the container and attach the blender on top and churn it. I got my kids to watch me do it and they even tasted the butter. There was some leftover "buttermilk" that I had to drain off, but that was pretty simple.

I have links to the magazine article in this post just click and you'll see for yourself what i'm talking about. Also I made sweet cream butter, there are ways to make cultured butter and it's listed in the article! Hope that I can help you regain a piece of your past and have it mixed a little with the present. Aka I don't have a regular butter churn nor do I have raw cream!

By the way the magazine is Mother Earth News. You don't have to subscribe or register to view the article. It's a neat magazine that has great articles for people who farm or grow their own gardens. Also tips and tricks to help those out that do not.

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