Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lost Track Of Days

I haven't been able to blog lately for alot of reasons. Many have to do with making money playing games. I play alot on my cell phone and have racked up quite a bit of gift cards and prizes! Since january I have gotten 125$ in itunes gift cards and about 30$ in amazon. Also a 15$ chevron gift card. I have also received my 2nd gen 1 gig ipod shuffle. My very first ipod! My parents are using my Tom Tom 125 Gps. There are so many ways to make something with very little.

I currently play facebook games that offer gift cards and prizes. One app gained me 600$ in gift cards within 2 months. I won those so it wasn't about skill.

There is a place that I am currently playing games at which costs nothing and you can win some serious cash. It's called Moola.com and it's a very cool site. I've been a member for 3 years now. They do pay which is a must for me when it comes to gaming. There are a few games that can really be fun while you try to climb the tower. You can play the charity cash cow which is a spin to win game that is pretty cool. If you win the big pot you get your winnings and they match that and give it to charity!

You should really check it out. I will be posting my paypal payments once I get them. I've already received 25$, but it was in a check and been so long that I didn't think to get a copy. I am waiting on a 10$ paypal payment! Give it a shot! My next post will be more strategy to help make sure that you keep cashouts coming.

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